I am. A massage therapist. A teacher. A writer. A healer. A dancer. An artist. A bodysherpa.

I graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in religious studies. For 10 years I made my living telling other people’s stories — as a reporter, and then, later, as a public relations and marketing professional.

Today I help people rewrite their own body stories. Much as I have rewritten mine.

My body story read: Fat. Uncoordinated. Sickly, facing a life of respiratory problems.

In my 40s, I’ve completed a bike century and sprint triathlon. Hiked the hills of California, Colorado and the South of France. Mountain biked through the Sierra Madre. Snow shoed at Yosemite. And maintained a healthy weight for eight years. Lately, I spend Sunday mornings dancing to West African drumming.

I look in the mirror and I like what I see.

I believe that when you change how you feel about your body, you change what you can do with your body. And the universe opens with infinite possibilities.

As a self-named bodysherpa, I’ve built a practice with the express purpose of helping people to fall in love with their bodies, take care of their bodies and do things they never imagined possible.

This blog is an exercise in further exploring acceptance of how and who I am today.


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  1. Claudia Simmons says:

    10/20/15 please let me know contact info? Thx

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